Happy Holidays 1999

Seasons Greetings from the Jacobs Family

We feel so blessed to be enjoying the end of another wonderful year and the chance to keep in touch with many of our family and friends. This past year our family was able to spend some fun time in Southern Utah at Goblin Valley and at Lake Powell. Waterskiing is one of our favorite past times. Lisa and the kids spent the summer in Washington visiting her family. They had a great time with cousins and Grandma & Grandpa Kimmell.

This past year Linc has become a serious runner! In May, we flew to Lake Tahoe and he ran in a 72 mile, 7 man team race around Lake Tahoe. It was so much fun. He ran a half marathon in August. That's 13.1 miles! And finally . . . on Oct. 2nd Lincoln ran and completed 26.2 miles in the St. George Marathon! It was his first. It was a great thing to see. Both Lisa and the kids were there cheering him on! He only lost 7 toe nails and is preparing to do it again next year! He also began a new job on Dec. 1st for Campus Pipleline (www.campupipeline.com). He is really excited about it. He's still the Cub Master in our ward and makes everyone laugh at our monthly Pack meetings. He's just not sure if people are laughing 'with' him or 'at' him.

Chad and Tyler are 9 years old and getting taller and thinner every month! They are in the 4th grade Spanish Program and excelling in it. We're amazed at the book reports and writing portfolios they do all in Spanish. They both began piano lessons in September and are enjoying that, too. Their music has filled our home with the beautiful sound of Christmas carols. They are also very much into the "Pokemon" craze. They are even teaching Lexy how to say "Pikachu."

Ashley is 6 now and all GIRL! She is still taking dancing lessons and whirls and twirls around the house as she sings for anyone who will listen. She's in the 1st grade Spanish Program and is learning quickly. She is excited about peforming Spanish Christmas Carols in the Mall. Ashley is turning into a beautiful young lady. She is her mom's right hand helper when it comes to entertaining her little sister. Ashley loves having another girl around the house. One of Ashley's recent accomplishments is learning Pig Latin. Her Daddy taught her so they can tell secrets in front of the boys!!

Alexis is 18 months old and full of energy. She loves rocking her dolls and calling for her big sister, "Ashee." When she's looking for her brothers she simply calls out, "Boys." Like her big sister, Lexy loves dancing to music. She is fascinated by animals. She has big, blue eyes and a sweet smile that melts your heart. She loves giving her Daddy bear hugs. She and Mommy are best friends. Life is very unpredictable with Lexy around, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We are just not sure how our Christmas tree will survive this year with Lexy investigating every ornament and decoration.

Along with trying to keep up with the kids, piano & dance lessons, and home life, Lisa is the Spanish Immersion Director at the elementary school. She spends a lot of time working in the kids' classrooms and helping the Spanish teachers to coordinate many of the activities that are taking place throughout the year. Lisa recently got called to be a Gospel Doctrine teacher at church. She is scared to death, but looks forward to learning a great deal about the scriptures and about humility. Even though her scrapbooking has had to be pushed aside with her busy schedule, she hopes to make more time in the upcoming year to get back on track and record the happenings of the Jacobs Family.

We are grateful for the Gospel in our lives and the important role that the Savior plays in it. We feel blessed to have wonderful families and friends that we can share our lives with and hope that you will find peace and joy in the coming New Year.

Happy Holidays,

Lincoln, Lisa, Chad, Tyler, Ashley and Alexis