Merry Christmas 1995

Seasons Greetings! It is that magical time of year filled with crystal snowflakes, caring friends and Christmas cheer. We are grateful for the birth of our Savior and the meaning that His life has for each of us. This year has been one of many changes for the Jacobs.

Lincoln started the new year by looking for a job. Since February Linc has had three different jobs in the valley. In June, Novell called and said they needed him back. After a lot of thought and prayer, he was hired back the first of July. In October, Novell announced that the business applications group at WordPerfect would be sold. . . that meant Lincoln's group. There were many layoffs in November, but we still have a job. We now await who will buy his group and who will be our NEW boss. His one thread of sanity during this very unstable year was his. . . OUR boat. The family purchased a used boat in the Spring and it has provided us with many wonderful hours at Deer Creek Reservoir playing with the kids and waterskiing with the adults. Lincoln continues teaching his 11 and 12 year old boys in Sunday School and is now the new water ski Merit Badge Counselor.

Lisa's calling with the Young Women in the ward has been very busy and rewarding. Between girls camp in June in the High Uintas and a youth conference at Brian Head Resort in Southern Utah in August, it was a very full summer. She did find time to play in the softball tournaments again and had fun planting flowers in the yard. Her highlight for the year came when she had the opportunity to fly to Europe for ten days in November with her mother, sister, and aunt. They visited London, Brussels and Brugge (in Belgium), and Amsterdam. It was a wonderful time to see other countries and to be together with "the girls."

Chad and Tyler are now 5 years old. They started kindergarten this year and they love their teacher, Mrs. Davis, and their classmates. They are learning independence even though they are in the same class. They have grown another couple inches and are much taller than most of their school friends. They love drawing pictures, wrestling, and spelling new words. We had our first set of stitches with Tyler this Fall. He fell off a utility box in our yard and hit his head on a large rock. He had four stitches over his left eyebrow. As luck would have it, it happened three days before picture day at school. Now we have a permanent marker to tell the boys apart. We're glad he is all right.

Ashley is 2 years old, going on 15. She has so much personality, we're not quite sure what to do with all of it. She has no fear of anything or anyone. She loves to give hugs and kisses to her big brothers. She also loves playing "kitty." She likes to meow and lick the family. It's gross, but cute. Her vocabulary continues to amaze us. It's not uncommon to hear Ashley announcing things like, "I'm incredible!" and "I am so pretty!" She keeps all of us laughing. We love our little Ashley.

May you feel the love our Savior has for each of you as you enjoy the true meaning of Christmas in your homes. We hope that 1996 brings you much joy and happiness.

With love,

Lincoln, Lisa, Chad, Tyler and Ashley Jacobs