Merry Christmas 1994

Once again, it is that time of the year that we turn our thoughts and minds to the magical season of shining lights, children's dreams and gifts of the heart. We reflect on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Eternal Gift of Life that He has given each of us. Our family is extremely grateful for the wonderful relationships that we share with you, our close friends and family members.

This past year has kept us very busy. Lincoln spent the first five months of 1994 with a serious illness. If he did anything too fast, he would start coughing and pass out. It was scary. We got him to a pulmonary specialist who put him on steroids. Linc responded to medication and we're glad he's back to normal, well at least back to his old self. This year Linc has also taught Sunday School to a group of energetic 11 and 12 year old boys. He is always looking for creative ways to capture their attention and teach them something worthwhile. A highlight in Linc's life came this past September when we were able to go to California and visit the set of the popular t.v. show "Tool Time." We were able to meet the tool man himself, Tim Allen. It was a great experience and Linc even got a genuine "Tool Time" hat. Lincoln was recently laid off from Novell/WordPerfect. After five years at WordPerfect as a senior developer, it is hard to leave the security and good friends that we made there, but we also feel it has been a blessing in disguise. We look forward to whatever challenges the future may hold for us.

Lisa has been busy with the kids, being a single parent during the 5 months that Lincoln was so ill, playing softball, planting beautiful flowers and bulbs, attending craft fairs, learning to paint and do floral arrangements, hanging wallpaper, taking kids to tumbling lessons, and basically trying to stay out of trouble. After serving on the ward activities committee for two years, Lisa has recently been called to serve with the Young Women's presidency in her new ward. She looks forward to working with the young women in our church and hoping to make a difference for good in their lives.

Chad and Tyler are 4 years old. They aren't little boys any more. They seem so grown up to us. They attend pre-school twice a week and love the field trips, the learning, and the other kids. Their favorite pastimes include anything to do with Power Rangers and telling knock-knock jokes. It's amazing to us how independent they are becoming. They love playing with their little sister and helping Mommy out.

Although Ashley is 19 months old, she thinks she is the same age as her big brothers. She tries to do almost everything they do. She is quite the talker too. She has about a 130 word vocabulary, but then again, she's trying to keep up with the boys. She loves to blow kisses to everyone and everything. She also adores purses, dolls, Power Rangers, and anything to do with big purple dinosaurs like Barney and Baby Bop. She is still the sunshine in our family.

We would like to thank you for the many ways that each of you have touched our lives. We love and appreciate you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 1995!