Merry Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

It is with warm hearts and happy spirits that we write to you this holiday season. The past year has been full of wonderful events and we're delighted to share them with you.

The most exciting event of all was the arrival of our beautiful baby daughter Ashley Nichole on April 18, 1993. After three anxious months of premature labor and strict bed rest, we were all thrilled to have Ashley come only two weeks early. She was 7 lbs. and 19 inches long with tons and tons of long thick black hair and great big blue eyes. Now at eight months old she has proven to be the sunshine in our family. She has the most pleasant and happy personality and hardly ever cries. Every morning when she wakes up she plays in her crib until someone comes to get her. Then she greets that person with a great big smile. She truly is our little angel from heaven. Lincoln and I believe that the Lord blessed us with Ashley as a way of rewarding us for the more than trying first couple of years with the twins. She loves eating graham crackers and watching her big brothers play around. We are so blessed to have her in our family.

Chad and Tyler are now 3 years old and taller than most children their age. This year the boys passed several milestones including potty training and attending preschool. Preschool with Miss Karen has proven to be a wonderful time in all of our lives. The boys are having a great time developing their social skills while Mom gets a few hours a week for herself. Tyler and Chad also enjoy "working" on the computer with their numbers and coloring. They adore their little sister and are eager to share their dinosaurs, cars, and blankets with her. They help mommy by throwing dirty diapers away, or giving Ashley a bottle when mom needs a few extra minutes. It's hard to believe the boys were once as little as Ashley.

Lincoln continues developing software at WordPerfect. This past spring, summer, and Fall he put in a difficult seven month crunch working 50-60 hour weeks as his team worked hard to get WPWin 6.0 ready for its release this past October. Thankfully they met their deadline and it looks as though the product is doing well.

In October the family took a 2-week road trip up to Washington State and Canada to get to know each other again. It was a beautiful drive and it was a great chance to be together as a family again.

Lisa did her best to cope with the children while Lincoln was away at work. Recently she joined the elite group of scuba divers. Her final training dive was December 11 where she passed off all her skills and became a PADI certified scuba diver!