Christmas 1992

Another year is coming to a close and we realize that it has been two years since we've sent out our Christmas letter to our family and friends. This year the Jacobs are bound and determined to get in touch with you before another slips by.

It has been one year since we moved into our first home. Lincoln spent a great deal of time during the second half of 1991 building us a beautiful house. We are now in Lindon, a small town between Orem and Pleasant Grove in Utah County. Our neighbors are wonderful and they have made us feel very welcome. It's nice to finally have a permanent address. Although the boys don't care about the address, they do love having the room to run around and play. We still have a lot of decorating and landscaping to do, but it's good to have a place we can call our own.

Lincoln continues enjoying his work as a programmer at WordPerfect. This past year he has changed positions and is now designing writing tools for all WordPerfect products. It's a challenging new position but he loves it. He's also been working with the young men in the Primary as a Blazer B teacher.

Although Lisa is busy trying to keep up with Chad and Tyler, she realizes it will be even more challenging when the new baby arrives in May! She's also having a great time decorating our new house. This past year she was very involved in the softball leagues going on in the stake. This past summer was filled with camping trips and outings with the boys. During the past year she has had the opportunity to work both in the Primary with the Sunbeams and in the Relief Society with the homemaking committee. Being involved in the ward has been a marvelous way to get to know so many of our new neighbors.

Chad and Tyler are a little over 2 years old and going on thirteen. They are talking up a storm and becoming quite independent. We're thrilled to see them doing more and more for themselves, but it's also a little alarming. Both love playing with cars and trains. They also love playing with tools, theirs or Daddy's, to fix all kinds of things around the house. We remember when they shared the same crib and now they are such big boys. They are growing up very fast.

At this time of year, we realize the importance of family and friends. We appreciate so much the love and friendship that each of you shares with us. We hope that you have a safe and fulfilling holiday season. Know that our thoughts are with you.