Dear Friends & Family,

This past year has been another eventful season for us. No, we haven't had another set of twins! But our twin boys did turn one in May and we built a new home from June until December. Somehow we just didn't seem to get our Christmas letter out on time. We didn't want another year to slip by and we hope that this St. Patrick's Day letter finds you all well and enjoying 1992!

Chad and Tyler are now 21 months old and growing likes weeds. They keep Lisa without any extra time to get into trouble. They both enjoy running around and playing cars, tickling each other and calling "Mommy" as they run through the house. It's amazing how quickly children grow up and change. Chad loves to read books with anyone who will let him sit on their lap. Tyler, on the other hand, is a child who loves to figure out how things work. Both are talking quite a bit. Even though there are times when they love to rattle of an earful, some of it still sounds like Russian to me. We love our little boys and the joy that they have brought into our lives.

In March we started looking for lots in Utah County and on June 17 we bought our very own lot in Lindon. It's just 1 1/2 miles north of WordPerfect in Orem. It was then that we began the lengthy process of building our own home! We were very excited!

Lincoln acted as the general contractor and did the majority of work himself. He did a great deal of framing himself. As a result, Lisa was left a single parent with two very active boys. Linc put in long evenings and Saturdays working on the house while maintaing his regular 40 hour a week programming job at WordPerfect.

We truly appreciated the help that came from many family members and friends who supported us and who stopped by to help us with the multitude of tasks along the way.

Four days before Christmas, after a lot of work and much sacrifice, we were able to move into our new home. It was that very day that Mom, Dad, and Chris Kimmell drove in from California for the holidays! They were a big help moving everything into the house. We even had a Christmas tree! Kathy, Tom, and their son Alex arrived from Washington State the next morning. It was wonderful to have room for all of our visitors.

Two months after living in a real home, we still have a lot of finish work left, but it's great to be able to work on it together. We really do enjoy hearing from all of you and all that you are doing. We hope that we will have this address for at least 10 years and that it won't be so difficut for you to keep track of us. We love you all and hope you have a great 1992.

Our new ward and neighborhood have been wonderful in making us feel at home so quickly. Lisa has already been called to serve in the Primary and has 5 beautiful little sunbeams to greet her each sunday.

Lincoln & Lisa Jacobs