Our Family

In December 1989 Lisa was traveling from Provo to Salt Lake City with a friend. The snow conditions caused Lisa to lose control of the car. As it spun on the freeway a pick-up truck carrying a burial vault hit the car broadside. Lisa was pregnant with their first child and because of the accident she threatened losing the baby. As the doctor was examining Lisa with the ultrasound he pointed out the baby's heart. A moment later he pointed out another heart. Lincoln's first thought was in today's society a baby with two hearts can surely lead a normal life! Lisa's thoughts were similar. Fortunately it didn't take long for both of them to realize two hearts actually meant two babies.

After a long and difficult pregnancy Chad Hoffman Jacobs and Tyler Duane Jacobs were born 5/5/90 at 5:00 AM. They were born 5 weeks premature and spent 3 weeks in the hospital.

Lisa's pregnancy with Ashley was slightly less dramatic although there were still some complications. Ashley Nichole Jacobs was born April 18, 1993. She was 3 weeks early but fortunately she was healthy and didn't spend any extra time in the hospital.

Alexis took her sweet time joining the family. After 5 years without an addition, little Lexy decided it was time to shake up the Jacobs home. The pregnancy went fairly well and Alexis Kimberly Jacobs was born on time, May 6, 1998.

Alexis Jacobs Alexis Jacobs