Next Year (2003) Theme and Name Swap:
Darrell & Steph Jensen

Jacobs' 2002 

Christmas Exchange List

Theme: The Sound of Music

Giver 2002 Recipient
Theme The Sound of Music
First Generation - $25 limit
Darrell & Steph Jensen Mom & Dad
Jenny & Dave Young Shawn & RandyLynn Jacobs
Lane & Kerry Hill Tammy & Eric Spillett
Lincoln & Lisa Jacobs Darrell & Steph Jensen
Mark & Darcy Jacobs Jenny & Dave Young
Mom & Dad Lane & Kerry Hill
Shawn & RandyLynn Jacobs Lincoln & Lisa Jacobs
Tammy & Eric Spillett Mark & Darcy Jacobs 
Next Generation(s) - $5 limit
Ashley Jacobs Larissa Jacobs
Benjamin Jacobs Elizabeth Young 
Carrine Jensen Makayla Hill 
Tysa Jensen Cassidy Spillett 
Cassidy Spillett Jonathan Jacobs 
Chad Jacobs Maria Jacobs 
Christian Jensen Chad Jacobs 
Christopher Jacobs Tyler Jacobs 
Connor Spillett Joshua Jacobs 
D'Alan Jensen Harrison Young 
Danelle Jacobs Tysa Jensen
Elizabeth Young Benjamin Jacobs 
Harrison Young Nathan Jacobs 
Jenae Jacobs Joseph Young 
Jonathan Jacobs D'Alan Jensen
Joseph Young Taj Jacobs 
Joshua Jacobs Connor Spillett 
Justin Hill Robert Jacobs 
Kristy Jensen Carrine Jensen 
Larrisa Jacobs Jenae Jacobs 
Lexy Jacobs Christopher Jacobs 
Lincoln(baby) Jacobs Danelle Jacobs 
Lucas Spillett Lexy Jacobs 
Makayla Hill Ashley Jacobs 
Maria Jacobs Kristy Jensen
Nathan Jacobs Lucas Spillett 
Robert Jacobs Lincoln McKay Jacobs 
Taj Jacobs Christian Jensen 
Tyler Jacobs Justin Hill 

Theme/Name Swap Schedule

1993 Jacobs (Dad & Mom) Alaska: Call of the Wild
1994 Sub for Santa
1995 Jacobs (Lincoln) A Season of Change
1996 Spillett Christmas Traditions
1997 Young The Great Outdoors
1998 Jacobs (Mark) Practical and Usable
1999 Hill  It' About Time
2000 Jensen  A Past To Remember, A Future To Hold
2001 Jacobs (Shawn) Red, White, and Blue
2002 Jacobs (Mom & Dad) The Sound of Music
2003 Jensen  
2004 Hill  
2005 Jacobs (Mark)  
2006 Jacobs (Lincoln)  
2007 Young  
2008  Spillett  
2009 Jacobs (Shawn)  
2010 Jacobs (Mom & Dad)  

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