Toy Story Stats

Number of terabytes required to store all film information: 1

Minutes of completed animation produced each week: 3.5 (maximum)

Months it took to write the shader for Andy's hair: 9 (it took the longest)

"Built-in" lights on Buzz: 10

Least number of minutes required to render a frame of film: 45

Most number of hours required to render a frame of film: 20

Number of characters: 76

Minutes of computer animation: 77

Number of suns in Pixar's Renderfarm operating on a 24-hour basis: 110

Texture maps for Buzz: 189 (plus an additional 450 to show scuffs and dirt)

Gigabytes required to store final frames: 500

Number of avars (variables which an animator can control) for Buzz: 700

Number of avars for Woody: 712

Number of avars for Woody's face: 212

Number of avars for Woody's mouth: 58

Number of avars for Sid's backpack: 128

Number of leaves on the trees in Andy's neighborhood: 1.2 million

Number of shaders written for the production: 1300

Final number of shots in film: 1561

Number of frames of computer animation in film: 110,064

Number of texture maps created for the film: 2000 (most are painted digitally, but some are photographed and scanned. The carpet in Sid's house was taken from "The Shining.")

Number of storyboards drawn: 25,000

Number of lines in model program required to describe Buzz: 34,864

Number of lines in model program required to describe Woody: 52,865

Number of machine hours required to render frames: 800,000

Number of lines of code needed to create the film's models: 4.5 million

Box office total for Toy Story for the 5-day holiday weekend ending Nov 26: $39.1 million

Opening price of Pixar at its IPO on Wednesday: $22 (traded on NASDAQ under symbol PIXR)

Current price: $40.25

Value of Steve Jobs' shares: $1,204,280,000