It seems that an expired carbon based programmer was at the pearly gate. The devil said that Hell had garnered a bad wrap and that he wanted to offer him entrance to hell instead even though he was destined for heaven.... "No strings attached, you will be pleasantly surprised" said the devil.

"Why not" replied the programmer, "lets go for a tour. It could be interesting if nothing else".

The devil proceeded to give him the grand tour. The amazed programmer could not believe his eyes as he was shown happy people participating in all sorts of sports and relaxation. Everyone was enjoying the company of friends and family. It was amazing.

"But how can this be" said the programmer.

The devil replied, "I told you, the fire and torture stuff is just a myth. I am on a quota system so I need to attract people here, not scare them away. The competition is always running that smear campaign. It's just wreaking havoc with my image".

"Wow", exclaimed the programmer, "I never thought about it like that. Ok count me in."

So the devil proceeded to show him into a room. Next the lights blinked and a new reality set in. This time, it was not looking good. There were people being tortured everywhere. Programmers in particular where made to code against real dates using refurbished TRS-80 computers. It was awful. Some of them even had to face real customers on the phone regarding past products they had worked on.

Turning to the devil, the programmer cried out, "how can this be. You lied to me".

" No", said the devil, "what you saw was a prototype of the human interface program. This is the shipping product".