Jacobs' LDS Church History Tour 2003

Nauvoo Temple

I haven't done any journal writing for quite some time. This trip had such an impact on our whole family it would be a serious mistake not to record my thoughts and feelings. A composer would write a song to express himself. I have chosen to express my feelings in a web site.

17 years ago my good friend Dale Greenwell and I decided to take a little road trip. Dale's mom kindly loaned us her station wagon which was to be our home for 28 days and over 7,000 miles. Much of Dale and my trip in 1986 was spent visiting church history sites. Those sites made such an impression on me, I determined I would one day bring my family along this trail, that their testimony might be strengthened as was mine.

So much of the success of our family's trip was due to the many couple missionaries who taught us along the way. Their testimonies were not just testimonies of the restored gospel. They were testimonies of their lives and the joy and happiness they have experienced as they have lived according to the teachings of Christ. My heart was very touched as I saw my children intently listening to these missionary's stories. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and willingness to serve.

Here is my record of our family's travels June 22 - July 10, 2003.

Lincoln Jacobs
July 2003