What we do for fun

We love spending time together as a family. Chad and Tyler are genuinely concerned for their little sister Ashley's welfare. Our most time consuming activity is on Daddy's boat. We usually go to Deer Creek Reservoir every Monday night with one of our neighborhood families. We also spend a time camping in our trailer tent.

Lincoln is a water freak!! He goes out in the boat an average of three times a week. Once with the guys, once with the family, and once with his wife and another couple in the neighborhood. He should probably see a counselor because of his excessive love for boating but for now the family just deals with it.

Lisa is way into scrapbooking. She maintains a family book, and a separate book for each of the children. She stays on top of the scrapbook by attending 12 crop nights. We're not sure exactly what she does there but when she gets home she always has a couple more pages done.